Medal Yearbook 2011


Medal Yearbook 2011 published by Token Publishing - soft cover 612 pages. World air postage £5

The MEDAL YEARBOOK is now firmly established as the definitive price guide and collectors' handbook for all British and "Empire" Medals as well as listing many of those from the current Commonwealth (specifically all the modern medals of Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand and now the Republic of Ireland too!). For those of you who don't know this 600 page book lists all official (and many unofficial) medals awarded to Britain's Armed and Uniformed services over the years - and tells you what each one is worth!

As well as the price it shows the size of the medal, the metal it's made from, the ribbon, what it was awarded for and when! It's fully illustrated in FULL COLOUR with an extra medal ribbon chart at the back - again in full colour! It also contains the full Index for MEDAL NEWS magazine (vital for research).

Once again it's been fully updated in line with market movements and yes once again a significant number of medals have been added making it more comprehensive than ever before!!

The MEDAL YEARBOOK is now a firm favourite for collectors, dealers and auctioneers around the globe and really deserves a place on the shelf of anyone even vaguely interested in this fascinating hobby!