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Military Cross GV (reverse privately engraved Capt. T.H. Wilson), Queen's South Africa Medal with clasps Cape Colony, Wepener, Transvaal, Wittebergen (133 Cpl. T.H. Wilson, Brabant's Horse) British War Medal.  (T/Capt. T.H. Wilson) Bilingual Victory Medal. (T/Capt. T.H. Wilson) with M.I.D. GVF+

Approximately 37 000 Military Crosses awarded for World War 1. Of the 453 Crosses awarded to South African units, only 8 went to the S.A. E. C.

Thomas Henry Wilson was born about 1867 and served in the South African War with the Railway Pioneer  Regt, Brahant's Horse & Commander in Chief's Bodyguard.   As Cpl. Wilson he was dangerously wounded in action near Senekal on 28 June 1900 together with 559 Sgt. G. Cribbes of Brahant's Horse (Times History of the WarVolume iv page 313).   Discharged medically unfit 30-08-00. [South African Field Force. JB Hayward & Sons] subsquently enlisted Commnader in Chief's Body Guard.

In the Great War he attested in the South African Engineers as a Temporary Lieutenant on 25th. September 1915 and was sent to Nyasaland on road making duties. He was promoted Temporary Captain on 1st. August 1917. Awarded the  Military Cross in the Birthday Honours List (London Gazette 4 June 1917), he was also  Mentioned in Despatches (London Gazette 25 September 1917).  

While serving in Nyasaland and Tanganyika in the Engineer Detachment of the SA Rifles, Wilson suffered six bouts of malaria and in April 1917 was granted 2 months recuperation leave. Report from Addington Hospital 25/4/1917 states that he " ... Is anemic and thin. States that he has lost about 7 Ibs. in weight. Heart is weak in action and systolic murmur in aortic region present. Is very short winded on exertion. Physique and nutrition poor. Other organs appear to be normal."

Returned to Nyasaland on 10 July 1917 but gradually became very debilitated and run down and was advised to leave the tropics. Admitted No. 4 General Hospital 18 March 1918 "... Still anemic. Heart dilated. Spleen enlarged. Liver slightly enlarged." 

He was finally release from service as unfit for tropical duties on 6th June 1918. He won the MC at the age of 51.

With extensive research and copies of relevant documents from South African Archives including all medal rolls and London Gazette entries etc. Click here for fuller details.

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