1939-45 Star, Defence Medal, War Medal DCLI SOLD


 1939-45 Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-45 (all unnamed as issued). Attributed to

Corporal Frederick Cyril James Jewell, 2 DCLI one of the Army's top sportsmen and a Dunkirk veteran. Swing mounted, NEF.

Comes with an attractive sports medallion in sterling silver, 2 DCLI, for “Individual Inter-Company Cross Country Race 1938” .According to the DCLI Regimental Museum, this medal was most probably awarded to F.C.J. Jewell, one of the top cross-country runners in the Army in the late 1930s.

Jewell was born in 1915 and enlisted in the DCLI in 1932. After completing his recruit training he was posted to the 2nd Battalion at Gibraltar. It returned to the UK the following year and was stationed at Blackdown, then Shorncliffe. Jewell is mentioned in the regimental journal many times for his sporting triumphs; two photos of him are included.

Jewell was with 2 DCLI  when it was deployed in France in 1939, and was evacuated via Dunkirk on 1 June 1940. After refitting it was deployed on coastal protection duties. In September 1941 Jewell transferred to the newly-raised 30 Bn. In August 1943 it was posted to North Africa but its members did not qualify for the Africa Star.

Jewell was discharged from the Colours in 1946 and then lived in Liskeard, Cornwall. He remained with the Reserve until 1954. SOLD


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