1914-15 Trio, Def & War Medals RN LSGC, RM MSM - Lt & QM



1914-15 Star (Cpl, RMLI), British War Medal and Victory Medal (Sgt, RMLI),  Defence Medal and War Medal, RN LSGC, GV 2nd type (Cr Sgt, RM), Royal Marines Meritorious Service Medal, GVI, 2nd type (Ch. 16725 Q.M.S.I. A.S. Carn 28.2.1951). GVF+ court mounted.

With photo of Carn in uniform, wearing WWI trio and LSGC Medal.

Lieutenant (Quartermaster) Alfred Samuel Carn Royal Marines was born in Suffolk in 1892 and enlisted in the RMLI in 1910 (Ch. 16725). On the outbreak of World War I Carn served briefly in the old battleship Magnificent. In October 1914 he was drafted to an armed merchant cruiser, HMS Otway of the 10th Cruiser Squadron. These ships were almost continuously at sea between Iceland, the north of Scotland and Norway to intercept  all ships entering or leaving the North Sea. The marines were often employed to board suspicious neutral ships to check them and, if necessary, bring them to a British port for further inspection. Many of the ships in the squadron were sunk by U-boats – this was also the fate of the Otway in mid-1917, but Carn had left her only a couple of months earlier.

Over the following years he was drafted to various light cruisers and took part in operations in the Dardanelles and Black Sea. He was promoted to Quartermaster Sergeant and Instructor of Gunnery, and retired in 1931.

He was mobilized on the outbreak of World War II, appointed Warrant Officer in 1941 and lieutenant in 1943. He served at various training establishments in Devon, Wales and Lancashire. He was awarded the RM MSM in 1951 but did not begin to draw the annuity which is supposed to accompany the medal until 1972, when he was aged 80!

Comes with service papers & research.